Welcome to the wedding celebration of

Danielle & Pierangelo

Saturday 25th June 2022
Cava de' Tirreni (SA), Italy

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We look forward to welcoming you to Italy for a mix of English and Napoletane traditions. Naples, a bit like Pier, can be loud and confusing! With a little bit of guidance to explore it is a beautiful and historic place with a lot of character. We hope you get to experience some of its magic as part of our celebration and would be happy to help with any advice in advance.



24th June

English Guests Dinner 

Time: 7.30pm for drinks, Dinner at 8pm 

Location: Hotel Scapolatiello Terrace, Cava de’ Tirreni, Piazza Risorgimento 1, 84013 , Salerno, Italy

Description: A casual dinner on the terrace for our English guests. Dinner will include canapes, a few drinks, antipasti, main course and dessert. 

Wedding Day

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25th June

Wedding order of the day

Kindly note we are on Italian time so expect a little flexibility in the outline below!

Symbolic Ceremony 

Time : 4.30pm - 5.15pm. Please arrive by 4.15pm

Location:  Hotel Scapolatiello lower garden.


Location: Tenuta Na. Ri. Via Gioacchino Trezza 1, 84013, Cava De’ Tirreni, Salerno, Italy 

  • 5.30pm arrive at Tenuta Na. Ri. Travel will be provided
  • 6pm - antipasti and cocktails
  • 7.30pm - sit for dinner 
  • 9.30pm - dance floor opens
  • 11pm cake and dessert buffet
  • 12.00am return to the hotel. Travel will be provided.

Note: You are welcome to stay at the venue later than 12am but the music will need to be off at this time due to Amalfi coast rules. 


Wedding Menu

Meat & Fish

Vertical paccheri filled with buffalo ricotta and aubergine parmigiana wrapped in pancetta with parmesan crisp


Squid ink ravioli filled with white grouper in a prawns and artichoke sauce

Slow cooked pork loin with light mash potato


Grilled octopus tentacle on a broccoli potatoes and chilli bed



Vertical paccheri filled with buffalo ricotta and aubergine parmigiana wrapped in aubergine with parmesan crisp


Ravioli filled with ricotta and provolone with artichoke sauce


Mozzarella filled with aubergine parmigiana


Unusual cappuccino, potato cream, porcini mushrooms and surprise of cheese

Carne & Pesce

Paccheri in Verticale con ricotta di bufala, parmigiana di melanzane avvolto con pancetta e chips di parmigiano

Ravioli al nero di seppia ripieni  di cernia, in salsa di carciofi e gamberi


Lombata di maiale a cottura lenta con un leggero pure’ di patate


Tentacolo di polpo alla griglia su letto di mallone



Paccheri in Verticale con ricotta di bufala e parmigiana di melanzane avvolto con foglie di melanzana e chips di parmigiano


Ravioli ripieni di ricotta e provolone del monaco in salsa di carciofi


Mozzarella ripiena di parmigiana di melanzane


Insolito cappuccino con crema di patate, funghi porcini e sorpresa di formaggi

Please choose from either the vegetarian or meat & fish option for those in your party below: